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Recycling Centre tours

The Western Riverside Waste Authority run an education programme to encourage pupils and staff to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle as much as possible. They run visits to the recycling centre where the children can see for themselves what happens to their waste, with hands on activities. They also deliver assemblies and workshops in schools. Visit their Schools page for more information.

To book at tour email or call 020 8875 8885/9.

Recycle at school programme

Free support is available from Recycle Western Riverside's Recycle at School programme.  This can help your school reduce waste, recycle more and raise students' understanding of why this is important.

Additionally, the charity Traid has an active education programme which focuses on textile recycling. There's no charge. Email  to get involved.

Composting at school

Composting options for schools - View special offers on composting equipment or, for more specialist equipment that could compost your school's canteen waste, see the Ridan Composter or Tidy Planet Rocket composter. Read a case study about a school that composts it's canteen waste.

Further information

View Recycle Now's Recycling at School information

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