Domestic violence: support and advice

Stay Put Stay Safe: security measures for your home

The Stay Put Stay Safe scheme is for people affected by domestic violence and victims of hate crime.

If you live in Wandsworth and are being threatened or physically harmed by someone who does not live with you, you do not need to leave your home. We may be able to make it a safer place to live by improving the security of your home.

We may use a range of measures such as new locks, heavy-duty doors, additional window security and safe rooms.


The scheme is open to all Wandsworth residents, although if you have a private landlord or a Housing Association landlord we would need their written consent to fit any additional security.


Contact the Accommodation Procurement Team on 020 8871 7333.

Or you can be referred by a support agency, such as the Police, Victim Support, a social worker or estate manager.

Risk assessment

Your individual needs will be assessed by experienced staff. If the scheme is deemed appropriate for your circumstances, we will visit your home to complete a risk assessment of the property before works are recommended.

Agreed measures will be completed as soon as possible. Details about additional security measures may be given to the police so that the address is flagged as an 'I' (Immediate) response should you dial 999.

Following the installation of security measures, it is recommended that you have a home fire safety visit by the London Fire Brigade (LFB), who will discuss fire safety in general as well as means of escape specific to your property, in the event of a fire. With your consent we would pass on your contact details to the LFB in order for this visit to be arranged. 

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