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Anti-social behaviour: National Minimum Standards

Wandsworth Council and its partners in the Community Safety Partnership have signed up to the Government's Minimum Standards for tackling Anti Social Behaviour (ASB). The Government's commitment to raise standards nationally was contained in the White Paper 'Protecting the Public: Supporting the Police to Succeed' with a commitment to introduce National ASB Minimum Standards by 31 March 2010.

Anti-social Behaviour Unit

Wandsworth Community Safety Partnership has consistently adopted a pro-active approach to tackling anti-social behaviour and established a joint-agency Anti-social Behaviour Unit in 2003. In recent surveys, local people have expressed high levels of satisfaction with the way in which anti-social behaviour is being tackled by the Council and the Police and decreasing levels of concern about anti-social behaviour as a problem. However, there are still concerns and there is more to be done to improve early identification of problems and prompt and effective action by partners working together in neighbourhoods to tackle them as they occur.

The Minimum Standards template

The Minimum Standards template contains commitments against each of the six Minimum Standards. We intend to supplement this with an Anti-social Behaviour 'Citizens' Charter'-style leaflet which will provide additional information. Information regarding the Respect Standard, to which the Council's Housing Department is a signatory, is also available.

 Standard Signed up (yes/no)
Details of where public can access information to this standard/commitment

Reducing perceptions of ASB year on year;


The council recognise that perceptions of ASB need to be improved and this is set out in the Community Safety Partnership's 'Partnership Plan'.

Regular updates for every community on what is being done to tackle antisocial behaviour - including an expectation to publicise ASBOs to the local community;


Regular updates are already provided by a number of agencies across the Community Safety Partnership - e.g. Police Safer Neighbourhood Teams, the Housing Department, and the Council's Community Safety Division - through Homelife, Brightside, newsletters, letter drops and Ward meetings.

100% of crack house closures, ASBOs and other orders are publicised proportionately whenever possible, (however caution is taken when it concerns amongst others a young or vulnerable person).

Provide residents with a right of complaint to CDRPs/Community Safety Partnerships if effective action is not taken by local agencies through existing channels;


Serious cases are discussed on an exception basis at partnership problem solving meetings where they can be effectively dealt with and if necessary escalated. We will ensure information is appropriately shared to facilitate the effective management of all complaints.

We are committed to clearly signposting the route into the complaints procedures of relevant agencies and publicising how residents can complain more simply and effectively.

Support and help for victims of ASB;


There are a number of teams across the Community Safety partnership. They include:

  • Victim Support
  • Council Community Safety Division
  • Housing Management Area Teams
  • Registered Social Landlord ASB teams
  • Police Safer Neighbourhood and Transport Teams
  • Parks Police and Dog Control Unit
  • Children's Services Preventions Team
  • Other Council teams such as Graffiti Removal, Noise Team, and Environmental Health Teams who all provide support
  • Wandsworth Street Pastor

Each team promotes its own service, however we already provide combined contact details and information for a range of services in an accessible and user-friendly format. We will be using the minimum standards publicity to do more to bring the information of these services together and promote them in an accessible way.

Taking reports of ASB seriously by recording and investigating all cases and committing to keeping victims informed of action taken; and


Caseworkers and casework management systems are employed in all relevant agencies. We will ensure victims are suitably informed of the action we are taking. We will also take appropriate action to prevent and deter malicious allegations.

Ensuring better links between neighbourhood policing and other local partners to deal swiftly with problems.


The Wandsworth Community Safety Partnership are working together to ensure that Safer Neighbourhood Teams are aware of local partnership arrangements, link up effectively with other local services and work collaboratively to deliver realistic and sustainable solutions for local people.


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