Community Trigger - your right to challenge

Community Trigger gives victims and communities the right to request a review of their case and bring agencies together to take a joined up, problem-solving approach to find a solution.

Before you start 

The threshold for the trigger to be initiated is that a resident has previously reported the same problem on three separate occasions in the last six months and believes that nothing has been done to resolve the problem.

It this is the case then they can initiate a review of the case by submitting a trigger report.

Who can use the Community Trigger

You can make a report if you were a victim of antisocial behaviour. Alternatively, a person acting on behalf of the victim can submit a report, such as:

  • a carer or family member
  • Member of Parliament, or
  • a councillor

The victim can be an individual, a business or a community group.

You will need

On the form please let us know:

  • Your details
  • Details of the incident(s)
  • If you've reported the problem(s) before
  • How the problem is affecting you.

We also take into account the:

  • Persistence of the antisocial behaviour
  • Harm or potential harm caused by the antisocial behaviour
  • Adequacy of response to the anti-social behaviour.

What happens next

The report will be sent to the Community Safety team who will forward it to the relevant agencies.

Reviewing the case

When a request to use the Community Trigger is received, agencies will decide whether the threshold has been met. If the threshold is met, a case review will be undertaken by the partner agencies.

Agencies will share information related to the case, review what action has previously been taken and decide whether additional actions are possible.

The review encourages a problem-solving approach aimed at dealing with some of the most persistent, complex cases of antisocial behaviour.

Responding to the victim

The victim is informed of the outcome of the review. Where further actions are necessary, an action plan will be discussed with the victim including timescales.

The review does not aim to lay blame for any potential failings (which is the approach of a complaint investigation), but there may be organisational learning as a result of the review.

Escalation and appeal

If you are dissatisfied with the way a community trigger case review has been carried out, or you are dissatisfied with the decision on whether the threshold was met, appeal to the chair of the Safer Neighbourhood Board.


The outcome of all requests for Community triggers will be reported to the Safer Neighbourhood Board.