Neighbourhood Watch

Benefits of a Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is:

  • knowing what to do when crime or other emergencies occur
  • finding ways to make your community safer
  • promoting awareness of others who may need help or advice

Neighbourhood Watch is not about being a hero, being nosy, becoming a vigilante or working for the police or the council.

Reducing crime

Watches are in regular contact with the local police so minor problems can be dealt with before they develop. Being part of an active community helps deter criminals.

Watches can give you crime prevention and home safety advice.

If you are covered by a Watch, you are less likely to be a victim of burglary, which is why insurance companies sometimes offer discounts on home contents insurance if you are covered by a Watch.

Support for Watch members

Street signs

We install street signs where roads are covered by Watches. This shows the community is working together to prevent crime. If you are a Watch coordinator and would like to put up Neighbourhood Watch signs in your Watch area, contact us.

Access to crime trends

We send weekly emails of crime trends for Putney, Battersea and Tooting. Contact us to join the Email crime messaging system.

Crime prevention tips

We produce a quarterly newsletter for Watch members containing seasonal crime prevention tips and community safety advice.

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