Neighbourhood Watch

A Neighbourhood Watch is when a group of neighbours decide to work together to prevent crime in their area. Each Watch has a clear area for which it is responsible.

You can help build a safer community by starting or joining a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme where you live. View the benefits of a Neighbourhood Watch.

Join or contact a Neighbourhood Watch

You may be covered by an existing Watch. Enter your postcode to see if your location is covered by a Neighbourhood Watch scheme (

Or view the Neighbourhood Watch map, but you may have to contact us to check if you are covered as a Watch does not necessarily cover the entire road.

If you are a Watch coordinator, you may wish to register your Neighbourhood Watch scheme ( so that people in your area can find their nearest scheme using the postcode search.

Become a coordinator

A Watch coordinator is a point of contact for the residents. The coordinator is also the point of contact for agencies who work alongside the Watch, such as local residents' associations and other local groups.

A Vacant Post is where there is no longer a coordinator for your Watch. You can volunteer to be the new Watch coordinator. Contact us to volunteer.

Start a Neighbourhood Watch

If your road is not covered by a Watch, you can become a coordinator or launch a new Watch. Contact us to start a new Watch.




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