Smoke-free Wandsworth

Since July 1 2007, all enclosed public places in England became smoke-free. The total ban on smoking extends to all enclosed public areas. Smoking is still permitted in private homes and exemptions exist for places such as care institutions and hotel rooms.

Why did we go smoke-free?

Second hand smoke damages the health of both smokers and non smokers who breathe it in. It can cause acute symptoms in people with health conditions such as asthma and heart disease. Ventilation only removes the actual visible smoke and its smell but not the toxins.

Where can I find out more?

Smoke-free England provides useful information for individuals and businesses on the legislation.

Who is responsible for enforcing the law?

We are responsible for enforcing the Smoke Free law and fixed penalties and maximum fines apply.

Read about smoke-free premises or pay a fixed penalty notice.

Report smoking in a public place.

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