Educational psychology: advice for parents

How do I get an Educational Psychologist involved with my child?

If your child attends a Wandsworth maintained school, the school will have a link Educational Psychologist  (EP). Most academies in Wandsworth have the same arrangement, although schools vary in the amount of time they have available each year. 

Speak to your school first

If you have concerns about your child's progress at school or nursery, you will need to discuss this first with the teachers.  Only after they have tried to improve things with their own planning and your help, will they ask other professionals, like an Educational Psychologist, to become involved.  You can ask the school if they think there is a need for an Educational Psychologist's help.  

Speak to us if you have more questions

We do not take referrals directly from parents, although we are happy to talk through the issues on the phone if you have ongoing concerns after discussing those with the school.

We do not have the resources to provide a service to schools in the independent sector.