Educational psychology: advice for parents

What happens if a concern is raised with us about your child?

If a concern is raised with us about your child in school, we will usually arrange a meeting between you, your child's school and an education psychologist (EP) to find out about your child's progress and areas of strength and need.

During the meeting our educational psychologist will ask you about your child's development and listen to any concerns you have. They will then help to make plans to help your child's progress; this is likely to include things that may be done at home and at school to help your child.

At the end of the meeting, you will agree how and when your child's progress will be reviewed.

With agreement our educational psychologist may:

  • observe your child in the class or playground
  • meet your child to look at his/her school work and listen to his/her views
  • work with your child on assessment tasks to explore strengths and needs in the child's understanding and skills
  • discuss concerns with other involved agencies: for example a speech and language therapist, occupational therapist.