Ark Putney Academy

The consultation process

Local people were invited to come to an exhibition to discuss future proposals for the renovation of the Putney ARK Academy in February 2013.

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Barratt will seek planning permission for a residential development, which would generate the funding needed to finance the refurbishment of the new academy.

If planning permission is granted, the land sale will be completed and all the money raised, plus additional funding of around £5million from Wandsworth Council, will be used for the scheme.

Wandsworth's strategic partners Lend Lease, working with English Heritage, are preparing detailed plans for the school renovation.

Public consultations, by both Barratt on their residential scheme and Lend Lease on the renovation of the school buildings, began in December 2012.

View details of the public consultation by Barratts and LendLease.

Following these initial public consultations, two separate planning applications for the Barratt and Lend Lease proposals will be submitted.

Once these have been submitted, the council will consult on the detailed proposals before the planning decisions are made and, if approved, the land sale contract will then be completed.

Previous consultations

Option 1

Proposed the demolition of the existing gym and technology block and the construction of a new four court sports hall at the southern end of the site, near to the pedestrian access from Hayward Gardens. This option would have removed 18,755m2 of land from the school site, leaving a total site of 18,000m2, of which 8,205m2 would be external space.

Option 2

Proposed the redevelopment of the sports hall on the location of the existing gym. In order to make it fit for purpose, as sports such as basketball cannot take place currently, its roof would need to be raised. This option would have removed 19,420m2 of land from the school site, leaving a total site of 17,335m2, of which 8,400m2 is external space.

The consultation

The consultation was part of the council and Elliott Trust's Section 77 School Standards & Framework Act 1998 application to the Department for Education for consent to dispose of school playing fields. It started on 3rd March and finished on 25th May 2012.

What people told us during the consultation process

During the consultation these were the main points:

  • The proposals take too much land and do not allow for the future growth of the school
  • There is too much impact on open space
  • The Government should pay for the scheme
  • Ark should pay for the scheme
  • The council should dispose of the Putney hospital site and relocate the planned primary school to Elliott
  • Parents of Elliott School unanimously voted to support the proposals at a onsultation meeting on 16th May

Revised proposals

Following the consultation, the council and Trust have revised the proposals:

  • The proposed area for disposal has been reduced from 18,755 m2 to 15,071 m2
  • The amphitheatre has been taken out of the potential redevelopment area and will remain

The gym and technology blocks have been taken out of the land that may be sold. The two original options remain regarding the future of these buildings - they will either be demolished and replaced with a new sports hall or they will be repaired and renovated.