Ark Putney Academy

The renovation process

Funding the renovations

It is estimated that it would cost between £28 and £30 million to bring the school up to acceptable standards. Originally these costs were going to be met by the Government's Building Schools for the Future programme but this was cancelled as a result of the worsening national economic picture.

The council is funding part of the costs (around £5 million) but does not have the resources to meet all of the costs. It is therefore proposed that part of the school site is sold for private development to help pay for the renovations.

What would the building work involve?

The proposals involve a major remodelling of internal areas to create brighter and more spacious classrooms and flexible areas for small group learning. They would also deliver better IT systems and specialist learning facilities.

Under the proposals, the school's sports facilities would be enhanced and the external space landscaped to provide informal play areas and new sports courts.

Elliott School Trust and the council originally consulted on two possible schemes with the section of land being potentially sold covering around 19,400 square metres, leaving around 18,000 square metres of open land left - which is the equivalent to three football pitches.

Due to the sloping nature of the site, the school does not have its own grass pitches. The use of off-site pitches will continue.

Some people have claimed that the council is selling off land that the school needs for sports facilities. In truth the grounds are not suitable for organised games and the school has been using a site elsewhere. Access to playing fields will NOT be affected by these proposals.

The area proposed for disposal includes hard surface game areas, hard and soft andscaping, car parking and some redundant buildings - the sixth form centre and caretaker's cottage.

Temporary buildings

Planning consent for the use of temporary buildings has already been granted.

These buildings are due to be on site for September of this year to allow for any future decant. These buildings can accommodate up to 600 children.