Complaints procedure for council-run schools

Complaints about academies and free or independent schools

All Academies and Free or Independent Schools are required to have their own complaints procedures.

This should be made available to you upon request. The Council does not currently have a formal role in these complaints.

Department for Education (DfE)

Should you remain dissatisfied with how your complaint has been dealt with by the academy, you can ask the Department of Education to look at your concerns. They cannot review or overturn an academy's decisions about complaints but will look at whether the academy considered the complaint appropriately.

DfE will generally only do this after a complaint has been through the academy's own procedure but may investigate sooner if there is evidence of undue delays by the academy. If the DfE finds that an academy did not deal with a complaint appropriately it will request that the complaint is reconsidered. Similarly, if the academy's complaints procedure does not meet legal requirements then the Department for Education will ensure this is put right.

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