Home schooling

Do children have to go to school?

The 1996 Education Act states that "it is the duty of parents to secure an appropriate full-time education for their children. Most parents carry out this duty by ensuring that their child attends a school and a small minority of parents decide to educate their children at home

What about children with a statement of educational needs?

Your right as a parent to educate your child at home applies.

You should ensure that the education you are providing for your child is suitable to any special educational needs identified in your child's statement.

What constitutes an effective plan of work, or "curriculum"?

Home education does not have to be delivered by "subjects" but would be expected to develop knowledge and skills in the three core areas of:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science

A good educational programme should include elements such as:

  • ICT
  • Problem solving
  • Personal, social and health education
  • Outdoor and environmental education
  • Citizenship, including careers education
  • Home economics and living skills

The programme should be suitable, efficient and full-time

How do I start Elective Home Education?

You must give written notification to the Headteacher and governors of the school, stating that you intend to provide home education for your child and the school will delete your child's name from the register and notify the Education Welfare Service.