Educational psychology: services for schools and the community

Critical incident support

A critical incident can be defined as an event, usually sudden, which involves the experience of a level of significant distress that has the potential to overwhelm an individual or organisation.

There is research evidence that an early well managed response can prevent or reduce longer term difficulties.  As psychologists we have knowledge of the nature of trauma, its impact on coping and interventions that support the management of crises.  Our well developed links with schools and other settings places us in a good position to offer support at difficult times.

We have worked with schools and other settings following a wide range of incidents.  These have included the injury or death of children, parents and staff after accidents or other incidents.  As part of our critical incident service we:

  • Provide training and information on critical incidents, their impact and strategies that support the effective management of a crisis.  The SCPS  has developed a guidance booklet for school and organisations on the management of critical incidents.
  • Offer an emergency consultation service aimed at providing advice and support to those managing the incident.