Educational psychology: services for schools and the community


Psychological intervention focuses on the promotion of a child or young person's development and wellbeing.

We support and deliver interventions in schools and in community settings. Our School and Community Psychology Service (SCPS) is able to offer support with the identification of intervention needs as well as the planning, setting up, delivery and evaluation of targeted interventions including:

  • Approaches to teaching and learning: for example precision teaching, Dyslexia friendly classrooms and strategies to support working memory and thinking skills.
  • Interventions that promote social and emotional development: for example peer mediation, circle of friends, circle time, self esteem groups, anger management and solution focused brief therapy.
  • Organisational development: for example staff consultation, problem solving and support groups, parents interventions and the establishment of anti-bullying strategies.

Examples of recent interventions

The Blue Sky Programme

An eight week support and information programme for parents and carers who have discovered that their child may have profound or multiple needs.


A school based CBT group programme for children and young people who show signs of anxiety.

Women's Group

A group project aimed at supporting the psychological wellbeing and resilience of women who have experienced domestic violence and/or are considered emotionally vulnerable.

Marlborough Family Groups

A targeted intervention for children and young people and their parents intended to promote positive mental health.

Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities

A parenting programme promoting safe parenting skills and community links.

Parent Play

An intervention designed to help parents maximise their young child's social, emotional and behavioural development.

Video Interactive Guidance

A structured intervention designed to promote positive interpersonal communication between parent/ carers and their children, teachers and children and their peers.