Educational psychology: services for schools and the community


Assessment usually arises from and informs ongoing consultation.  The nature of any assessment will be to explore and inform hypotheses about the needs of the child or young person.  Assessment can include:

  • Observation in relevant contexts.
  • Interviews with parents and carers and other professional / agencies about their perceptions of the strengths and difficulties of the situation.
  • Discussion and work with the child or young person.

All of our psychologists are qualified in the use of a wide range of standardised and non-standardised assessment tools, including professionally restricted assessments such as psychometric testing.

They are also highly trained and skilled in a range of talking and thinking approaches including Solution Focused Brief Therapy,  Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Video Interaction Guidance.

The appropriateness of any assessment approach used is based on a thorough consideration of the child or young person's development, their life experiences and the relevance of the assessment to the child or young person.