About primary school waiting lists

Categories of places

As part of the admissions process, some Wandsworth schools operate banding or have different categories of place.

Bi-lingual places

Three schools (Hotham, Shaftesbury Park and Wix) each have a bi-lingual class and an ‘English’ class.  In both classes the children will follow the English curriculum but in the bilingual class the curriculum is be delivered in French for a proportion of the time.  Applicants can if they wish express a preference to be admitted into the bi-lingual or English only class.  Places are allocated on the basis of the schools’ admission criteria.  The waiting list position shown for these schools  is within the respective category of place.

Faith based places

Many church or other faith based schools offers places to children of families who are practising members of a Christian church or other faith.   Five faith based schools also offers open places based on the school’s admission criteria without reference to faith.  These schools are Gatton Primary School (Muslim), Mosaic Jewish Primary School, St George’s CE Primary School, St Michael’s CE Primary School and St Mary’s CE Primary school, Putney.  The waiting list position shown for these schools is within the respective category of place.
More information for each school

For further information, please check the oversubscription criteria of each school in their admissions arrangements.