Timetable for primary school applications for 2015 entry

Timetable for primary school applications

This timetable tells you the important dates for applications, offers and appeals for Reception class places.

15 January 2015

Closing date for applications

Online applications must be submitted before midnight on this date.

Paper forms must reach Wandsworth Council offices by this date.

16 April 2015

Results are posted

On 16 April 2015 the council* will post you a letter giving you the outcome of your application. If you applied online, you can view the outcome on the online system during the evening of 16 April, but you will also be sent a letter giving full details.

You will be offered a place at no more than one of the schools you have applied for.

The place offered will be at whichever of the schools is able to allocate your child a place using the published admission criteria. You will be asked to confirm that you accept the place offered.

If more than one of the schools is able to allocate your child a place, you will be offered whichever one of these you said you would prefer on your application form.

Your child's name can be put on the waiting list for any school of your preference.

30 April 2015

Final date for accepting places

If you haven't let the council* know by this date that you want to accept the offer, the place may be offered to someone else. When you have accepted the place, the school will contact you requesting information including proof of address.

30 April 2015

Subsequent offers

Some schools will have vacancies because people have turned down their offers. The council* will write to the applicants at the top of waiting lists to offer them the vacant places.

If you get an offer at this stage you will need to let the council* know straight away whether or not you want to accept it.

June/July 2015

Appeals are heard

Appeal online

If you want to appeal against the refusal of a place, you can appeal online

Alternatively, you can contact the Wandsworth Education Appeals Service

* Parents or carers who live outside of Wandsworth apply for schools in Wandsworth through their home council. Any offer of a place in a Wandsworth school will be made by the parent/carer's home council.