Junior school admissions

Applying for a place in a junior school (year 3 only) for September 2019

Junior schools are schools that admit children from year 3 only. These schools do not admit children from nursery up to year 2 but often have infant schools associated with them.

Wandsworth has only one junior school, Honeywell Junior School. The infant school, Honeywell Infant school is not a linked school. This means that there is no automatic right of transfer between the two schools and parents wishing their children to go to the junior school after leaving the infant school must make an application.

Apply for a place

The closing date for parents and carers of children born between 1 September 2011 and 31 August 2012 to apply for a year 3 junior school place is 15 January 2019.

Parents and carers of children living in Wandsworth can apply for a place in up to 3 state junior schools (in Wandsworth and elsewhere) by applying online or completing and returning the junior school application form

Parents living elsewhere must contact their home borough to apply for a year 3 place in Honeywell Junior School.

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