School governors

What's involved

Being a governor can be hard work and means attending meetings and reading paperwork. It is however a valuable way of serving the local community, and gives an opportunity for people to influence the future of education in their area.

Governing bodies have to meet at least once each term, but much of the work of governing bodies is delegated to committees. All governors are expected to participate in the work of at least one or two committees. Most legal termly meetings are held during the evening, but committees may meet either in the evening or daytime.

It is important to get to know the school by visiting it and supporting events. It is equally important to support training sessions, which may be arranged for either individual governors or whole governing bodies.

Most governors serve for four years, and many continue for a second or even third term by being re-appointed or re-elected.

Interested in becoming a governor?

To find out more, call the Governor Support Section on 020 8871 8369/8371 or email

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