CCTV cameras

There are numerous CCTV cameras located throughout the borough along main roads, shopping areas and estates, which are primarily used by our Community Safety section in conjunction with the Police.

Of these, some CCTV cameras are also used for parking and traffic enforcement:

Locations of CCTV cameras used for parking and traffic enforcement

The CCTV cameras are used to monitor a:

  • bus lane;
  • bus stop or bus stand;
  • keep clear zigzag area outside a school;
  • box junction;
  • banned turn;
  • no entry restriction;
  • one way street;
  • ahead only direction;
  • keep left bollard;
  • lorry ban area;
  • pedestrian zone;
  • road that prohibits motor vehicles except for access.

However, if there is a requirement for any of them to be used in connection with combating crime, Community Safety council officers and the Police have first call on them in the event of a conflict of use. In addition to enforcement by fixed cameras, mobile CCTV enforcement is also undertaken.