Disabled Persons Freedom Pass

Who is eligible?

Find out if you are eligible for a pass (London Councils website).

How to apply

1. Complete the application form

A Disabled Person's Freedom Pass is issued following an assessment of eligibility using information supplied in the application form. Download the application form.

2. Provide two proofs of identity

When you apply you must also include:

One proof of your name and age. We will accept:

  • Pink driving licence (paper or photo card)
  • Birth certificate if it shows your current name
  • Current passport
  • Medical card

One proof of your current address. We will accept:

  • Current Council Tax payments book, bill or letter
  • Current Council/housing association rent book, statement or letter- (last twelve months)
  • Current TV licence
  • Recent (last three months) residential utility bill: for example gas,electricity, or water bill (not a mobile phone statement)
  • Recent bank, building society or credit card statement (last three months)
  • Recent Benefits Agency letter (last three months)

3. Provide two passport size photographs

It is important to print your name on the back of each photograph. (We will return your photographs if your application is unsuccessful).

My pass is lost, stolen or damaged

Find out what to do if your pass is lost, stolen or damaged (London Councils website).