Resident visitor permits

Visitor scratch card

There are two types of visitor permit scratch card.

Daily resident visitor permit

  • allows a resident's visitor to park for a whole day, in an all-day CPZ; or
  • for the hour of control in a one-hour CPZ.

Weekly resident visitor permit:

  • allows a resident's visitor to park for 5 or 6 consecutive zone days depending on whether the CPZ operates from Monday to Friday or Monday to Saturday.
  • can be purchased for all-day or one-hour CPZs.

How to use a visitor scratch card

Residents should buy visitor scratch cards in advance and give them to their visitors when required.

Each scratch card must then be validated by scratching off the date (if a daily permit) or dates (if a weekly permit) and writing in the registration number of the vehicle on which it is to be displayed.

Full instructions for use are shown on the permits.

How to buy a permit scratch card

Apply by post or in person

Read the guidance notes and complete the application form.

If you apply by post:

You should send the:


Parking Permits
Wandsworth Council (Permit Processing)
PO Box 522
TW1 9PL 

We aim to process postal applications for the visitor scratch cards within two working days. They will then be sent to you by second class post.

If you apply in person:

You should bring the:

  • completed application form;
  • required documents; and
  • payment by credit/debit card, cheque or postal order.

To the Customer Centre or to one of the libraries listed here.