Resident permits


All applications made by post or in person at the Customer Service Centre, where the self serve facilities are not used will incur a £20 administration fee.

If you do not wish to self serve or you require your permit on the same day then an administration fee will apply.

Multiple permits at one address

If you are the sole occupant or the first to apply for an annual resident permit at your address, you will be charged the standard rate of £166 (or £146 if purchased online).

If you are the second or subsequent person at the address to apply for an annual resident permit, an additional £35 will be added to the standard rate.

New or renewed permits

 Permit duration 1st permit at address 2nd and subsequent  permit at address
  Over the counter Online Over the counter Online
Annual £166 £146 £201 £181
3 month £80 £60 £96 £76
1 month (new residents only) £35 £25 £41 £31
Greener resident permit £92 £72 £113 £93

Administrative charges

Administrative charges Price
Refund request £10
Replacement/duplicate permit £20
Applications made in person £20