Resident permits

Who can have a permit?

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You are entitled to one resident parking permit if:


  • you are the registered keeper or have sole use of a vehicle

The vehicle must be either:

  • a passenger vehicle constructed or modified to carry not more than sixteen passengers (excluding the driver),


  • a goods carrying vehicle, the overall height of which does not exceed 3.2 metres (10ft 6ins) and the overall length does not exceed 6.5 metres (21ft 4ins) with a maximum gross weight does not exceed 5 tonnes.

If you do not meet the criteria, you do not qualify for a permit, irrespective of your interest in the property or the vehicle.

If you live on a housing estate, you may be entitled to a housing and highway permit and you should apply for a housing estate parking permit.

Vehicles the permit does not cover

  • caravan, trailer, boat etc. secured to a vehicle.

Vehicles that do not require a permit

  • motorcycles, which may be parked free of charge in permit bays, shared use bays and pay and display only bays, provided the bay is not suspended.

Proof of address and vehicle ownership

Proof of residence and vehicle ownership must be provided before your application can be approved.

Where you can use your permit

The resident parking permit is valid in any permit holder or shared use bay (permit holder or pay and display) within the zone for your residency, provided the bay is not suspended.

View controlled parking zones and search parking controls in your street.


View current permit charges

'Greener' vehicles

The DVLA revised the structure of vehicle excise duty (VED) for vehicles registered from 1 April 2017. 

  • For vehicles registered prior to the 1 April 2017: 'Greener' vehicle permits are only available to vehicles within the DVLA band A category, electric vehicles (not hybrids, unless they are categorised as DVLA band A) or bio-methane vehicles.
  • For vehicles registered on or after 1st April 2017: 'Greener' vehicle permits are available for vehicles where the CO2 emissions are up to 100g/km.

When making an application for a greener permit, evidence must be provided.

Make an application

You can apply for a permit online, by post or in person.

Ten free one-hour resident visitor permit

Resident permit holders are also entitled to 10 free one-hour resident visitor permits in a rolling 12-month period, for use within CPZs that have one hour of control.