Parking permits online help

How to register and apply for a trade permit

You will need to register an account before you are able to apply for and activate permits.

Before purchasing a permit you will need to submit the address where you plan to carry out work, which then must be approved by the council. 

By default, you are only able to cover 3 vehicles per day. Should the work require more than 3 vehicles per day, you will need to write to separately, requesting additional vehicles and giving reasons why this is necessary.

You will need to apply for separate trade permits for each job located in a Wandsworth Controlled Parking Zone

If your application is approved, you will be able to purchase paperless permits and activate cover.

Register an account

Please click "Please register here" as highlighted in the screenshot below:

Picture highlighting where to link to register

Then select "Trade" and click continue:

Image of permit system

Please fill in your details in each of the fields provided. Fields marked with a * are mandatory:

Image showing personal details form

When filling in the "Main Address", please enter your business address and not the address of the work taking place.

You are able to type your postcode and house number into the fields provided and click "Find address". This will display a list of the addresses available:

Picture of adding address form

Once your details have been completed, please click "save".

Clicking "Save" will then display a summary screen of your newly created account.

Please make a note of these details as you will need the user name and password to access your account in future.

The client number is used by the council to identify your account quickly and easily. Should you need to contact the council regarding your account, please quote your client number:

Image of account summary

Clicking continue will take you to your account home page.

Apply for trade permit

From your home page, you are able to update your account details, apply for permits for specific addresses, trace an application and review any invoices on the account.

All of the jobs can be managed using your single account. To apply for a permit, please select "Apply for a permit" from either the quick action menu, or the left hand menu:

Image of account control panel

As a trader, the only option available is to apply for a Trade Permit. Please ensure you have read and understood the Guidance Notes displayed before starting the application:

Image of application page

The top of the application form summarises the account. A banner labelled "Permit" is the first section of the form and will need to be filled in appropriately with details of the work taking place.

Image of entry fields

You will need to provide proof of the work taking place. In the next section under the banner "Proof of Eligibility", please select one of the proofs in the list:

Image of message asking for proof of eligibility.

In the final section of the form, you will need to select how you are providing the proof of work. Please select from the list, and use the browse and upload function to indicate how you are presenting your proof of eligibility.

Image of browse and upload choices

Upload your documents and clicking "Next" at the bottom of the application, which will take you to a summary page:

Image of summary page Clicking "Yes" will submit your application to the Permits Team. Approval can take up to two working days.

Whether the application is approved or refused, you will receive an email detailing the outcome.