Business permits


From 2 August 2018, the email address used to send out emails about parking permits and parking charge notices in Wandsworth will change to

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A business can purchase up to 10 permits if:

  • It is operating from an address within a Controlled Parking Zone and is not part of an excluded or permit-free development
  • The vehicle for which the permit is required is essential for the efficient operation of the business.

The vehicle must be either:

  • A passenger vehicle constructed or modified to carry no more than sixteen passengers (excluding the driver)
  • A goods carrying vehicle, the overall height of which does not exceed 3.2 metres (10ft 6ins) and the overall length does not exceed 6.5 metres (21ft 4ins) with a maximum gross weight not exceeding 5 tonnes.

Proof of business address and vehicle ownership

Proof of business address and vehicle ownership must be provided together with evidence that the vehicle is essential for the efficient running of the business before your application can be approved.

Types of permit

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Make an application

Apply for a business permit application.