Key messages 2014

Wider determinants of health

  • Employment or occupation: The unemployed are a known vulnerable group, the local emphasis is on building skills to find work, and linking opportunities to the regeneration plans in Wandsworth.
  • People affected by violence: To act on the lessons learnt from the two Domestic Homicide Reviews in 2013, and to continue to reduce peoples fear of crime with the 67% of residents feeling safe in 2013.
  • Supporting families at risk, Troubled Family Programme: Vulnerability can be defined in a number of settings, however a holistic partnership approach has been shown to show good results with the Troubled Family Programme.
  • Homelessness: Legal homelessness is in line with London, the true number of rough sleepers is unknown.
  • Housing stock: There is an affordable family home shortage, and increasing demands on ensuring decent standard private rental accommodation.
  • Housing for vulnerable groups: To identify and continue the work with key groups to tackle inequalities.
  • Educational attainment: Educational attainment is correlated with deprivation and several other factors.
  • Environment - air quality: There is an on-going need to monitor quality in particular areas.
  • Environment – access to open spaces: To promote use of open spaces particularly in areas where access is limited.
  • Regeneration plans – To note the positive impact of regeneration on the community, and continuing to protect health and care.