Key messages 2014

Older age challenges

  • Care Homes: An ageing population presenting in care homes with more complex needs, and a necessity to provide equitable services.
  • Falls and fractured neck of femurs: Poor relative performance.
  • High excess winter deaths: Poor relative performance.
  • Dementia: A known population of approximately 1000 adults, with increasing prevalence. There is a greater programme of awareness needed, with multiple implications for health and care services.
  • Identification and support for carers: A vulnerable group and potentially isolated group with increasing numbers.
  • Hospital admissions and continuing care: Poor relative performance and increasing costs for continuing care.
  • Social isolation (for older people): Social isolation has an unknown extent in Wandsworth, but with known impacts on health and wellbeing.
  • End of life care: Increasing the number of people who die at their chosen place of death.