Key messages 2014

2011 JSNA outcome indicators

Update against the 2011 JSNA outcome indicators
Outcome measure Trend (3 year) Change in the London quartile performance since the 2011 JSNA. 1st quartile: best performance
Teenage conceptions
Getting better
No change as at 2012, 2nd quartile
Excess winter deaths
No change as at 2011 - 12 4th quartile
Falls and fractured neck of femurs


Getting worse

No change injuries due to falls as at 2011/12 3rd quartile.

Worsened performance for fractured neck of femur as at 2011/12, a 4th quartile performance.

Sexually Transmitted Infections
Constant No change, chlamydia diagnoses in 15-24 year olds as at 2012, a 4th quartile performance
Under 75 mortality for cancer
Getting better
Worsened performance as at 2010-12, now a 3rd quartile performance
Under 75 mortality for cardiovascular disease
Getting better
No change as at 2010-12 2nd quartile performance
High childhood obesity levels
1st quartile performance as at 2012/13, but still a national issue
Alcohol related hospital admissions
Getting worse
No change as at 2010/11, 2nd quartile but upward trend still visible at local and national levels
Immunity for measles, mumps and rubella
Getting worse
Worsened performance as at 2012/13. Now 4th quartile performance for one MMR at 2 years
Carers receiving needs assessment
Getting better
Improvement for 2012/13. Top quartile performance
Independence for older people through rehabilitation and intermediate care
Getting better
Improvement for 2012/13 for the % over 65 discharged to intermediate care o9r rehabiliitation that are still living at home 91 days later (NI125)