Heathrow expansion and aircraft noise

Report noise and get involved

Report it

We encourage residents to log every noise complaint and concern with Heathrow Airport:

Tel: 0800 344 844.

Email: noise_complaints@heathrow.com

Online: http://www.heathrowairport.com/noise/help/make-an-enquiry

Please also send copies of your complaints and correspondences to eryans@wandsworth.gov.uk so we can develop our evidence base.

Track flights

You can also track flights over your area on Heathrow's new Web Trak system - you can find this at www.heathrowairport.com/noise. The online tracking tool shows you where planes are flying in relation to where you live or work. For security reasons there is a 24-48 hour delay on the flights shown.

Contact HACAN

You may also want to contact the campaign group Heathrow Association for Control of Aircraft Noise (HACAN). The council and HACAN have worked together on noise issues for many years. You can reach them on 020 8876 0455 or visit the HACAN website.

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