Better Schools, More Choice

Better Schools, More Choice

The Better Schools, More Choice Campaign sets out the council's commitment to, and priorities for, education in the borough over the next few years.

Our priorities are

Wandsworth schools are doing really well. That makes them very popular. When combined with a very significant growth in the school-aged population, that makes many Wandsworth schools difficult to get in to. Trying to get everyone the place they want is our top concern.

Our critics have suggested our support for free schools comes at the expense of the less well off. Ofsted says otherwise. Their Annual Assessment of Children Services found that children from poor and low income backgrounds get a better education and have better life chances in Wandsworth than in almost any other part of the country.

These pages outline our plans for the future and how we will meet the challenges we face.

Read about the provision of more school places by expanding existing schools and building new ones, our support of academies and free schools and driving up standards by improving school buildings and striving for consistently high exam results.

You can also link to other useful pages, and visit our education and learning page.

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