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Let's Talk school children's session

Let's Talk childrens event

Year 6 pupils from Beatrix Potter school visited the town hall on December 7, 2011 and took part in a Let's Talk session with the leader in the council chamber.

The following are the children's questions and comments, plus the leader's responses.

Why doesn't the council take better care of the grass in the parks? In the summer it goes all brown.

Talking water from the ground to water parks is expensive and is a waste of water. It also changes the park's ecology. 

The council should have more green spaces, not houses.

Near to your school you have Wandsworth Common. It's impossible to build on common land. You also have sports grounds nearby, and these too are protected.

There's currently a discussion about whether there should be houses on the Springfield Hospital site. When people are homeless where do you build houses for them and what do you sacrifice?

You should grow more trees

Every year the council plants somewhere between a thousand and fifteen hundred trees. We're also planning to plant six very special trees in parks next year to mark the Queen's jubilee.

Can we have more places to ride our bikes and a skatepark?

There's been a long argument about whether to allow cyclist to use the parks - other park users worry about being run over. People who walk in parks think it's their park, people who play football think it's their park and people who walk dogs think it's their park, and its impossible to please everybody.

The council has put in a lot of cycle paths on roads but it's also up to motorists to behave respectfully to cyclists.

Unfortunately skateparks are noisy and upset local residents. We would also have to dig up a lot of grass to install them.

Can we have more drinking fountains in parks?

We do want to install more. It's not easy because they can be abused and we need to ensure the water is of a good enough quality, but it is something we are looking in to.

There should be more police late at night

We agree with this. Having uniform police on the streets makes people feel safer.

There should be more local shops

A lot of local shops have gone, which is the result of high rents, but also because local people stopped using them. If you don't use something, you lose it, so the message to your mums and dads would be to buy things locally.

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