Let's Talk


Residents have raised a wide range of issues at the leader's Let Talk events online and in borough supermarkets.

Some of these relate to personal issues, such as problem neighbours, and these will be dealt with personally via letter or email.

In other instances the leader has tried to give on-the-spot information and advice to people during these sessions. Where this has not been possible, he has asked relevant council officers to provide a response which will be sent to the resident.

Detailed minutes are taken at each ward meeting and published on this website. 

General themes raised include 

Planning and development issues

These have been responded to individually.

The council's policy regarding dogs

See the Council's policy regarding dogs.

Forming residents associations

Find out how to form resident's association.

School standards

Comments about specific schools will be responded to individually. The council's general policy is to work towards all schools being rated at least 'good' by Ofsted.

The council also encourages schools to become academies and is supporting plans for new free schools.

Housing policy and right to buy

Find out about the revamp to the Ren Deposit Scheme

The future of the Ram Brewery

Following consultation, finishing touches are being put to a revised scheme

Voluntary organisations and how to get involved in the Big Society

A strategy is being prepared for engagement with local groups. 

Special educational needs

For general information about special educational needs.


Find out how we deal with potholes.

Business rates

The council has little control over business rates, but is lobbying to obtain more local control

Lack of response from council staff to complaints

Individual complaints are being investigated.  Generally, though, we aim to provide a full written response to a complaint within ten days

Events on Clapham Common

The council will continue to liaise with Lambeth Council about this.

The standard of refuse collection and green waste collection

A combined domestic and green waste collection scheme began in April 2012. 

Help for businesses

See www.wandsworth.gov.uk/business

A Streetlife session in March 2012 further tackled these and other issues.