Cleaner Wandsworth

Making your streets cleaner

Cleaner Wandsworth

The council is working to make the borough's streets the cleanest in the Capital.

What we're doing

street cleaningStreet cleaning -All public roads in the borough receive a weekly thorough cleanse and have litter cleared at least once a week as well as having all litter cleared three or four days later too - more for busy streets. The busiest areas such as town centres are swept between four and six times every day.

The percentage of roads, parks and housing land cleaned of litter to an acceptable level in 2012/13 was 96 per cent, while 97 per cent were free of significant amounts of (leaves, grit, etc.). Find out how our performance compares with other councils.

Refuse and recycling collection - The council has pledged to retain weekly collections. Split-back waste lorries mean rubbish and recycling are now collected together on the same round by a single vehicle. This makes it easier for the street cleaners to follow on behind ensuring any spillage is cleared promptly.  A new recycling plant in Smugglers Way means more materials can now be recycled, and a new energy-from-waste plant, means nothing is sent to landfill and waste is put to good use, generating electricity for the National Grid.

Litter campaignLitter - The council has launched a campaign to reduce littering. A fleet of special vehicles patrols the streets, regular crackdowns are held outside stations and other busy areas to fine litterbugs, and a road show illustrating the problem with a large Perspex box showing the amount of rubbish dumped on the streets has been touring the borough. The council’s anti-litter squad also target motorists and their passengers who think it’s okay to chuck their rubbish out of car windows.

Flytipping - Wandsworth fines flytippers. In a new crackdown posters showing suspected flytippers will be put up in the area to help identify and prosecute them.

Graffiti - The council takes a zero-tolerance approach. It removes offensive graffiti within 24 hours and other graffiti within three working days.

Fixing a potholePotholes - We're travelling across the entire borough, ward by ward, filling in potholes. Thousands have already been repaired, and Pothole Action Crews are still hard at work.

Pavements - Action crews are repairing pavements on a ward-by-ward basis until the whole borough has been covered, making them safer and easier to clean.