About the Wandsworth Matters consultation panel

What is involved if I join the panel?

You’ll be asked to complete a number of online surveys each year.   Surveys will, in general, take less than 5 minutes to complete.  You may also be invited to attend online group discussions.

How do you ensure the panel is representative of the population?

Everyone with an interest in the area can join the panel. On joining, you will be asked whether you are a resident, business etc along with a few other questions that we can compare with Census and latest population estimates. This enables us to weight results if, for example, young people are under-represented in a survey compared to the population at large.

We do recognize that not everyone can participate online so we have a variety of other ways of gathering their views.

Will my responses to surveys be kept confidential?

Yes. We will treat all your information confidentially and keep it secure in line with the Data Protection Act. We only share the general results of surveys. Your individual comments are stored securely and you complete surveys using a panel ID number rather than your own name.

Will you give me feedback?

We will feedback on the finding from each piece of work done by the panel. We will also provide links to Council decisions made following consultation with you.

It is not possible to reply to every comment individually because we receive thousands of responses

Is the panel the only way the council listens to the views of people living in Wandsworth?

No. The panel is just one of the ways the Council gathers the views of local people.

We also seek views via re our customer service centres, ward councillors, planning process, work with community groups and resident associations, traditional surveys, and more.

Why can't people younger than 16 years old join the Citizens' Panel?

There are some difficulties with making sure that young people have permission from their parents to take part in the panel.

However, the council listens to young people in other ways, e.g. through our work in schools and the Youth Council.