Broomwood Road crossing consultation


We are consulting on a proposal to provide an informal crossing in Broomwood Road, SW11 outside Thomas's School. 

This is in response to concerns raised by the school about the safety of children when they cross Broomwood Road near or outside the school.

The proposed crossing has been designed to minimise the loss of parking space, whilst improving road safety.

The key features of the proposed scheme are:

  • To provide an informal pedestrian crossing, which will include dropped kerbs on either side of the road, tactile paving and a traffic island.
  • To complement the proposed crossing, it is also proposed to install two wig-wag sign units on the approach to the school, in Broomwood Road, from both directions. These would be set so that they ‘flash’ during the school starting and finishing times to make motorists more aware of the presence of the school children.
  • Installing the informal crossing will require the removal of one parking space.

Download the proposals map to view an outline of the plans.

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The consultation was open from Wednesday 7 December 2016 to midnight on Friday 13 January 2017.