Battersea Church Road crossing consultation

Battersea Church Road consultation on informal crossing proposals


Pedestrian crossings have been requested by local residents in Battersea Church Road for some time. However, it has not been possible to justify a standard crossing as pedestrians cross all along the length of the road. Therefore we are proposing to introduce informal pedestrian crossing points. 

The key features of the proposed scheme include dropped kerb crossings in Battersea Church Road at junctions with:

  • Sunbury Lane
  • Southern access to Crewkerne Court
  • Bolingbroke Walk
  • Condray Place. This proposed crossing would result in the loss of one parking space but would help reduce illegal parking and thus make it safer for drivers exiting from Condray Place.

It is also proposed to provide two vehicle activated [VA] bend warning signs on the approach to the existing bend in Battersea Church Road, one from each direction, which should highlight the bend better to approaching traffic and enhance safety.

Battersea Church Road is included in the Council’s borough-wide 20mph limit programme for residential roads. This will include providing 20 mph roundels painted on the roads and signs at the entry points. This would complement the proposed crossings by helping to reduce vehicle speeds and improve traffic conditions in Battersea Church Road.

Download the proposals map to view an outline of the plans. 

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The consultation was open from Wednesday 7 December 2016 to midnight on Friday 13 January 2017.