Health checks

What are NHS Health Checks?

NHS Health Check

Even though you might be feeling great, if you're aged over forty you may be at risk of diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, stroke or dementia.

A free NHS Health Check assesses your risk of developing these common conditions and can help you adjust your lifestyle to reduce these risks.

Can I have an NHS Health Check?

You can have an NHS Health Check if you:

  • are aged 40-74 years
  • are a Wandsworth resident or registered with a Wandsworth GP
  • do not have diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease or stroke
  • have not had an NHS Health Check in the last five years*

*private health checks are different to the NHS Health Check so you could still be eligible if you meet the criteria above.

Heart age test 

Use our Heart age test to help you to find out how healthy your heart is.