Getting fit

Getting active with a health condition

You can still keep fit and active with a health condition, in fact being physically active can help with most long term health conditions. Before starting an exercise or activity programme you should always check with your GP or health professional to make sure you are not putting yourself at risk.

Your GP can refer you to the specialist exercise on referral programme within your local leisure centre which use exercise to support the treatment of some medical conditions. 

What is exercise on referral service?

The exercise on referral service offers support and advice from an exercise professional who will arrange to meet with you at your local leisure centre.

Your exercise instructor will develop a programme for your lasting up to 12 weeks that will increase your confidence in the gym and fitness, and help with any specific medical issues or conditions you might have.


The cost of the programme is £2 per session.

How to get on the programme

To access the programme book an appointment with your GP to discuss whether it would be suitable for you and they can refer you directly.