Healthy eating and weight loss

Weight management groups and support

Making a change for life doesn't need to be difficult. With a little help, it can be really rewarding and fun.

Weight loss groups

We fund a range of public health programmes for almost anyone who wants to live longer and feel fitter by making healthy changes in their lives.

Fun and exciting programmes are free for people who live, work or go to school in Wandsworth.

Adult weight management programme

As part of our adult weight management programme, we offer residents free weight loss vouchers for 12 weeks of a programme.

They are available for those who are aged 18 or over, classed as obese and meet the eligibility criteria. You can choose between Slimming World or Weight Watchers.

Slimming World 

The Slimming World programme consists of 12 weekly 1 to 1.5 hour group sessions and additional support in between meetings as required by individuals. Slimming World integrates 3 key principles to help families adopt healthier lifestyles:

  • A warm empowering group environment which supports members and facilitates behaviour change around eating and activity habits
  • A satisfying eating plan to promote healthy eating patterns for life
  • An activity management programme to help members gradually increase physical activity levels
Slimming World locations in Wandsworth

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is now even more flexible!

With their SmartPoints system at its core, Flex makes deciding what to eat easy. Combining their app, over 200 delicious and satisfying zero points foods, an inspiring community, and 24/7 support from expert coaches, they have everything needed to achieve weight loss goals. There are 2 ways to follow the programme, a counting system called SmartPoints and a 'no count' approach.

WeightWatchers locations in Wandsworth

To find out if you are able to receive the vouchers contact:

Wandsworth Weight Management Team
020 8871 5017

Want to help yourself?

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