Domestic parking bay suspension

What happens next

You will receive written confirmation showing the date and location of the bay suspension and a payment receipt when your application is processed.


  • If you do not pay in time, we will offer you the next available start date.
  • Submission of the form is not an agreement or the confirmation of the suspension request.
  • We will refuse applications if we deem the location is unsuitable.
  • We will refuse applications if the bay has already been suspended by another applicant.
  • The number of parking bays requested for the first day must remain the same for all consecutive days.
  • Suspension must be used for the purpose for which has been approved by the council.
  • Parking may not be resumed if a job is completed earlier than anticipated as the bay remains suspended for the duration shown on the sign.

Lorries and trailers

If lorries and trailers are required to be left outside a property overnight, call 020 8871 8871 to obtain the relevant permissions.