House Purchase Grant

Frequently asked questions

Is the grant guaranteed?

No, you must be in need of the grant towards the purchase so you will need to attend an interview whereby a means tested financial appraisal will take place to:

  • determine how much of the grant you would need towards the purchase (taking into account your finances i.e. income/savings and debts) as the grant is classed as gap funding towards a purchase.
  • to ensure that you are not financially overstretching yourself.

Do I need to repay the grant?

No, the grant is non repayable and no charge is placed on the property you are purchasing.

Is there a restriction in the number of bedrooms I can purchase?

There is no bedroom restriction on purchases within the UK, unless there is an overcrowding concern, but tenants buying abroad can only purchase a property with up to one extra bedroom than their household size requires.

Can someone else join in?

Yes, providing the person joining does not have a current interest in another property.

Can I use the grant to buy my council property?

No, the grant can only be used towards the purchase of a property on the open market, a shared ownership property or an adaptation of a family member's property.

If you wish to purchase your own property you will need to apply under the Right to Buy and receive the appropriate discount.

Can I buy outside the UK?

Yes, the grant can now be used to purchase a property anywhere in the world.

Can I buy land, build a property, or adapt a property outside the UK?

Land purchases, adaptations and/or building a property outside of the UK will not qualify for a House Purchase Grant.

Can retired people apply?

Yes, there is no age restriction in using the grant as long as you are financially able to secure the funding of the property and can sustain home ownership.

I applied last year do I need to reapply again?

You do not need to reapply, however,  you will need to contact the Home Ownership Team to check that funds are still available.

Can the grant be used as a deposit?

Yes, most lenders view the grant as a deposit.

Is there an income limit to apply?

No, but you will need to attend a means tested financial interview to identify that you are in need of the grant towards the purchase. If the financial appraisal identifies that you are not in need of the grant then no grant will be awarded.

Can I buy a derelict house?

No, the property that you buy must be habitable.

Can the council assist with a mortgage?

The council can not assist with mortgages, you will need to seek your own mortgage.

Do I need savings?

You will need a limited amount of savings for costs associated with buying a property i.e. surveyors and solicitors and any savings you do have will be taken into consideration when we carry out our financial appraisal.

What happens if I have a poor credit history?

You can still apply but may have difficulty in obtaining a mortgage.

Can I purchase a smaller property than I currently live in?

As long as the new property meets your housing needs and you are not making yourself overcrowded.

Can I buy a caravan, lodge or boathouse?

No, the property must be brick built.

Do I need to be a first time purchaser to apply for the grant?

No, but none of the applicants must own another property. If any of the applicants do, they will need to sell the property either before or simultaneously as the House Purchase Grant purchase completes.

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