Voting by post

European Parliamentary Elections - Thursday 23 May 2019

The following deadlines relating to the above elections have now passed:

  • Apply for a postal vote
  • Apply for a postal proxy vote
  • Amend an existing postal vote or proxy vote arrangement

Postal voting packs will be sent in different batches: 

  • If we receive a fully completed application before Monday 8 April 2019, we will aim to send your postal vote pack around Saturday 11 May 2019*
  • If we receive a fully completed application between Tuesday 9 April and 5pm on Wednesday 8 May 2019, we will aim to send your postal vote pack between Monday 13 and Wednesday 15 May 2019*

*No dispatch dates can be guaranteed by the Local Returning Officer.

Completed ballots must reach the Local Returning Officer by 10pm on Thursday 23 May 2019.

Apply for postal vote

You should download an application form (yourvotematters website) and submit your application:

If you are returning your application close to a deadline, you should send a clear, scanned version by email to ensure it reaches us on time. 

You are required to provide your:

  • signature
  • date of birth
  • address you want the ballot paper to be sent to, if different from the address at which you are registered to vote, and state the reason for this

This information is required by law and for the security of your postal vote, and your application will not be accepted without this.

Problems providing a signature

You may not be required to provide a signature if:

  • you are unable to sign in a consistent or distinctive way because of a disability
  • you are unable to read or write

Delivery of postal vote packs

Your postal vote pack will be delivered to the address specified in your application. We cannot deliver this to you early or allow you to collect this from us.

Return your postal vote pack 

Completed postal vote packs must be received by 10pm on polling day. 

You can post this back, drop it off at the Town Hall or return it on polling day by 10pm to a polling station in Wandsworth. 

If you will not be able to receive, complete and return your postal ballot within this time, and are unable to vote in person at your polling station, you can apply to vote by proxy.

Change of voting method

You will not be able to vote in person at a polling station once you have applied to vote by post, unless you cancel your postal vote facility.

To cancel your postal vote you should write to us at least 11 working days prior to any election held in Wandsworth.

Absent Vote Signature Refresh

If you have been asked to provide updated personal identifiers for your postal or proxy vote, further information is available from Postal/Proxy Vote Signature Refresh.