Monthly registration statistics

Monthly registration statistics

The following two tables are the monthly alterations to the Electoral Register since publication of the Register on 1 December 2017.

Date Changed Deletions Additions Total
2 January 2018 136 459 636 1,231
1 February 2018 157  3,914  1,725  5,796 
1 March 2018 333 5,145 3,604 9,082
Running totals 293 9,518 5,965 16,109

Changed shows how many electors (or "voters") we have changed the way their name is shown.

This is because:

  • we previously had their name or date of birth incorrectly recorded,
  • or they have changed their name by marriage or by deed poll,
  • or they have changed their nationality.

Deletions show the number of electors removed from the register because the electors have moved, died or were incorrectly entered onto the register.

Additions show the number of new electors added to the register. This is because they have recently moved to the property or they were already living at the property but for some reason their names were not included.

The monthly electorate total shows the total number of electors each month taking into account those electors who have been added and deleted.

Monthly electorate total

Month Electorate Total
1 December 2017 234,186
2 January 2018 234,363
1 February 2018 232,174
1 March 2018 230,633