Poll cards

Before an election or referendum, registered electors who are eligible to vote should receive a poll card, which gives them all the information they need about voting. For example it will give the deadlines for changing their voting arrangement and their current method of voting. If they are set up to vote at a polling station it will give the location of this and a map of the area.

You do not need a poll card in order to vote but you must be registered.

If you don't receive a poll card before an election or referendum

The explanation should be one of the following:

1. You may not be registered to vote. You should register to vote immediately on the GOV.UK website.

2. You have only recently registered to vote. If you only registered recently, your poll card will be sent closer to the election or referendum.

3. You are not eligible to vote in the election or referendum.  This may be because your nationality only allows you to vote in particular elections, or that you don't live in the area that is voting.

If any information on the poll card is incorrect

View changing your details on the Electoral Register and how to correct the information.

Voting information card

Households with no registered electors may receive a 'voter information card', with instructions on how to register if the residents are eligible.

If you will be away on polling day, and need to arrange for a postal or proxy vote

The deadline to apply for a postal vote can be found on your poll card and will also be confirmed on this website.

If you apply to vote by post, you should take into account the provisional date that postal vote packs are likely to be sent.  This should be confirmed on this website. If you are likely to be away from home before this date, you should consider appointing a proxy instead, as packs cannot be sent or reissued early.

Find out how to apply for a postal vote.

Find out how to apply for a proxy vote.

If you have misplaced your poll card.

If you have received your poll card but have misplaced it, you will still be able to vote.  As long as your name appears on the electoral register, you are eligible to vote and you have not been sent a postal vote, you can be issued with a ballot paper at the polling station.