Get involved with Adult Social Care

Service users, carers and other citizens who are interested in supporting us to improve our services have been getting involved in many ways. Here are some ways you can get involved.

Volunteer as a mystery shopper 

To help improve how we respond to people who contact us we regularly mystery shop our access team. The access team is our main telephone, email and reception contact point for anyone who wants information about community care services or would like to request a specific service.

We are doing this to find out how we can continue to improve the experience of people who contact us. We need more service users and carers to get involved in this work. Together we will create realistic case scenarios that you will use to telephone the access team and assess the quality of response from the access officers. We will use the information to inform their training and development.

  • Annual time commitment: Nine hours (includes three meetings, each lasting two hours)
  • Where: We hold meetings at accessible venues

Work with us to co-produce our Local Account

You can join a group of community partners who work with us every year to develop our Local Account. This report tells people what we have done in adult social care services over the last year and outlines our priorities for the coming year.

Whether you are someone who uses services, a carer or just want to contribute, you can become a community partner and work with us to ensure that the Local Account is readable and holds the council to account.

  • Annual time commitment: six hours (three meetings between December and February, each lasting two hours)
  • Where: We hold meetings at accessible venues 

Help us to monitor and improve home care services

If you are someone who uses home care services, you can join the service user forum where issues about the quality of services are raised to support effective monitoring of home care contracts. The forum is also involved in reviewing the specification of these contracts when they are up for renewal and acts as a sounding board for new ideas and initiatives to improve services.

  • Annual time commitment: six hours (four meetings, each lasting one and a half hours)
  • Where: We hold meetings at accessible venues

Help us improve services for carers

Are you a carer of an adult living in Wandsworth and passionate about carers' issues? If you are then the carers group is for you. Meetings are jointly chaired by staff from the council and Wandsworth Carers' Centre.

The group's main role is to ensure that the voice of carers is at the centre of our work. It does this by inviting managers to its meetings to account for how the services they manage are supporting carers. It also acts as a sounding board for any proposed changes that are likely to affect services to the people they care for, as these may in turn impact on their role as carers.

  • Annual time commitment: Twelve hours (six meetings, each lasting two hours)
  • Where: We hold meetings at accessible venues

Work with us to develop more personalised support services

Come to our "Future Today" forum. This is a large meeting with council officers, service providers, service users and carers. Managers describe new ways of working and invite discussion. This helps us to develop services that take account of what service users and carers think.

  • Time commitment: two hours each meeting
  • When: Drop-in to the meetings you are most interested in
  • Where: Wandsworth Town Hall, which is an accessible venue

Become a community partner

Why not sign up as a 'community partner'? When we need help we will invite you to support us with things like:

  • Commenting on information to make sure it makes sense before we publish it.
  • Taking part in staff interview panel.
  • Taking part in staff training.
  • Commenting on services or proposals to change service.

If you are interested in joining any of the groups mentioned above or would like to sign up as a community partner, call 0208 871 8960 or email and provide your contact details.

Contact us

Telephone: 020 8871 8960