How to see your records

The Data Protection Act 1998 states that manual, computer and shared client records must be integrated. Any living person, who is the subject of personal information held by us, has a right of access to that information, this includes:

  • Factual information.
  • The source of information.
  • Any expressions of opinion.
  • The intentions of the authority in relation to the individual.

All the information held must be disclosed unless it is subject to exemptions, or a third party has refused their consent to the disclosure of their information. The information disclosed should not be altered in any way. 

There is a charge of £10 to see client records.

We hold clients' records, in relation to adults, for seven years from the date of the last departmental service. In relation to children and families services, records are held between seven years to 75 years depending on the type of services provided i.e. children looked after - 75 years from date of birth. 

More information

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