Post 16 transport policy

Post 16 transport policy 2017/18

Department responsible

Education and Social Services Department


This policy describes the arrangements for the provision of transport (or otherwise) that the Authority considers it necessary to make to support the attendance of sixth form age young people to access the education and training of their choice. And, if support for access is required, that this will be assessed and provided where necessary.

The eligibility criteria for this support are set out below, it should be noted that there is a limited amount of financial support available.

This policy has been developed in accordance with guidance from the Education Funding Agency (previously the Young People’s Learning Agency (YPLA)) and under Section 509AB (5) of the Education Act 1996.

Scope of the policy

    1. Learners: The EFA provides guidance which includes references on personal eligibility, and this policy is based on this guidance. This policy only applies to Wandsworth Borough residents. Residents of other boroughs should apply to the Local Authority where they normally live.
    2. Learning: The EFA transport guidance includes the types of learning and learning providers that are covered by this policy.
    3. Academic year: This policy covers the 2017/2018 academic year, 1 September 2017 to 31 August 2018. 

        Concessionary fares, discounts, subsidies, passes or travel cards available for learners aged 16-18

        • London Borough resident young people aged 16-18 in full time education (over 12 hours) may qualify for a 16+ Oyster Card which entitles them to free bus and tram transport within London.
        • 18+ students can apply for an 18+ Oyster Card which enables them to qualify for 30% reduction on some fares and tickets. Further details and the eligibility criteria for these schemes are on the Transport for London website.
        • Sixth form schools and colleges and further education colleges have the Post 16 Bursary to support their learners and can make their own local policies to manage this fund within the guidelines. Contact should be made directly to the schools/colleges for more information about their policy. The websites for Wandsworth sixth form schools and colleges can be found under ‘Other points of contact’.
        • Most tickets are available to use anytime and within the zones identified on the ticket, but please check with the transport provider or Transport for London website for further information.
        • Taxis supplied by the council for those students unable to travel independently will only be supplied for the actual journeys between the student's normal home address and the agreed learning provider.

        Support for Wandsworth resident learners

        Wandsworth Council will support young people whose home to study journey cannot be undertaken using the free 16-18 concessionary travel pass, providing they meet the following eligibility criteria:

        • Young people aged 16-18 years of age or who started their course before their 19th birthday
        • Who meet the personal eligibility criteria of the EFA guidance
        • Who cannot travel independently and for whom there is no equivalent local provision
        • Students/parents/carers that are in receipt of Income Support/Income Assessed JSA/Pension Credit or, as the only source of income, Widowed Mother's Allowance/Incapacity Allowance.

        What support is offered by the learning provider will also be taken into account before any support is offered from Wandsworth Council.

        Support for learners with learning difficulties or disabilities

        Learners with learning difficulties or disabilities who have been assessed in their S139a (Learn Difficulty Assessment) as requiring support in accessing their chosen learning programme will be considered for transport or assistance with transport. During 2017/18 this will also apply to young people who transfer from having a statement to an Education, Health and Care Plan.

        The Council does not supply transport training, but it is available to young people as part of the Skills for Life course and Transport for London offer a Transport Mentoring scheme; contact your learning provider or view local travel training schemes in London. A pilot travel training scheme will be posted on the website as soon as it is available.

        Household income is also taken into consideration for young people with disabilities including whether the young person qualifies for any Mobility Allowances. Support will be directed to those young people with disabilities where household income may also affect their participation in further education.

        Young people with disabilities who are 18 years old and older will be referred to the Council's Adult Social Services Department for consideration for transport. Each application will be considered individually.

        More information can be found under the Local Offer.

        When can you apply?

        Learners can start to apply from 1 June before the start of the course.

        Applications for the Learner Support Fund are dealt with on a first come first served basis.

        Travel to a course beyond the Local Authority area?

        The free concessionary transport provision for 16-18 year olds is available throughout the Greater London Area.

        Travel Cards can be used within the zones indentified on the tickets. If taxis are supplied they will take the young person to the agreed learning provider which may be situated in an adjoining borough.

        Other funding

        For young people attending colleges too far for daily travel and those attending residential colleges information about the support available can be found at the GOV.UK website.

        Assistance is also available for young parents aged 16-18 for support with travel costs to their childcare provider whilst studying. The Care to Learn Grant also pays for registered childcare support.

        Apprentices or non-employed Programme Led Apprentices can apply to their learning provider for reasonable expenses where these are a barrier to learning, from the Additional Learner Support allocation.

        Other points of contact

        Sixth form schools within the borough

        Sixth form colleges and further education colleges

        Other useful sites


        If you wish to make a complaint, our complaints procedure will apply.