Family Recovery Project

About the Family Recovery Project

The Family Recovery Project (FRP) is an innovative multi-agency service set up by Wandsworth Council and a wide range of legal and voluntary sector agencies including the local police, health services and Job Centre Plus.   

The FRP works intensively alongside a small number of complex families focusing on treating the root causes of social breakdown rather than dealing only with its symptoms. 

The multi-agency team continuously mediate and support these families who are at risk of losing their children into care, losing their homes or, in the case of criminal activity and anti-social behaviour, their liberty.  

Wandsworth was one of the first councils in the country to pilot a Family Recovery Service in 2011. Its work has now been integrated with the national Families First Programme.

The FRP works to strengthen and stabilise families to secure better outcomes for children, young people and adults. The project aims to provide stronger support networks and encourage families to take the lead on restoring sustainable and long lasting change.

The FRP team is a single, unified group of experienced professionals who are able to share information openly while working towards a range of key shared outcomes. They provide intensive targeted and coordinated support to reduce extreme anti-social and criminal behaviour.


The team currently consist of professionals with the following expertise:  

  • Intensive outreach
  • Parenting skills
  • Adult mental health
  • Employment and benefits advice
  • Domestic violence
  • Substance misuse
  • Housing issues
  • Crime and anti social behaviour
  • Child and family health 

Privacy information

How we use the information of the people we help. 

More information

FRP Base
7 Ram Street 

SW18 1TJ

Telephone: 020 8871 5229

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